I don’t have enough “time”

The illusion of time. Have you heard someone talk about how they want to do more of X or improve Y… then they shrug it off with those magic words – I don’t have enough “time” and say I wish I had more time. Shortly after you see them end up playing Pokemon GO, surfing the social web (Facebook, Instagram etc), or Netflixing. Sure, not enough time.

I always say actions over words (actions > words), talk is cheap. If anyone wants to do something they will – please ditch the lip service. Stop and take a look at your goals and your life. Are you truly serious about them? If not, either delete them and save yourself the headache and heartache, or get serious about them and spend two hours this weekend planning out how you’ll achieve something meaningful. If you’re not willing to spend hours and hours on this, then see the question above.

Very few people are serious about their goals or life. They both fade away like memories. I get asked by many people about forex trading and where to start. Sometimes I give pointers but no one is willing to do the work (It’s amusing to see, this is always the first soft test.). They expect a magic solution or the coveted ‘Holy Grail’ trading system. It’s definitely not like that, you have to do the work. There are dreamers and there are doers. You can be both, but most people aren’t. Being a dreamer and not a doer is the kiss of death. Ideas don’t execute themselves and life waits for no one. Stop talking and start doing.

Remember – little by little, a little becomes a lot.