Get rich quick forex trading system secret!

Damn right, want the get rich quick forex trading system secret for the ultimate Holy Grail Trading system to instant forex millions? I am not sure if you can handle it…  but since you’re here and I like you, here’s the dirty little secret that will change your forex trading forever. INSERT FOREX TRADING SYSTEM SECRET HERE –> well, there is NONE. Did that disappoint you? Too bad. (Going off at a tangent, you are the secret to your forex trading success or lack of.)

There are way too many scammers in this industry. If anyone wants to sell you a get rich quick forex trading system, I say RUN for the hills and far away from them. They are playing on basic psychology, the human emotion of greed. Greed that makes you want instant riches over night with a get rich quick forex trading system that automatically shows you how to be a super pro trader over night. And with them charging you a ONE TIME SPECIAL fee of INSERT MAGICAL NUMBER (common numbers such as $99, $495, $999, $2995!) for this piece of forex junk. Sadly, most people fall for it.

Admittedly at the beginning of my forex journey, I did too… and my god did it hurt and was extremely frustrating seeing my hard earned money disappear into the pockets of “so called guru and pro traders” with very little forex knowledge gained.

Consider this a warning to be aware of the forex / trading industry. The barriers are ridiculously low, anyone can open a trading an account (no certification or licensing required – zero, nada) and call themselves a trader. IF you do want to pay someone for forex knowledge or a trading system or to copy forex signals, at least get a verified track record of their trading statistics and records (A demo trading account does not count. We want to see real live money!) / Profit & Loss account. If they are unwilling to provide these statements, don’t even spend a single dime on them or seriously re-consider why you should.

There is plenty of forex information out there for FREE. Which is essentially re-packaged by the majority of marketers / forex educators out there. So head on out to the likes of BabyPips or ForexFactory etc, there is a plethora of information to get you started and build your knowledge. Dodge the bullet of wasting your dollars on the majority of scum bags of “trading gurus” or “forex educators”, save it for your trading capital!

To success,


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