Forex millionaire trader confession…

Confession? What’s the forex million trader confession…? ?(BTW the title was meant to be the “ confession” but the responsive theme had another idea, as for one word it was considered too long…) The confession is well, when I first started this site I was extremely tempted to sell a whole load of forex trading products (you name it, forex trading systems, forex courses, forex EA robots etc etc). I know it is a highly lucrative business to just sell push other people’s products, especially in such an industry as forex trading, it plays on the get rich greed psychology. Everyone wants the latest trading system or trading course (I used to be like that.).

Obviously, I could not and have not. As I have repeatedly written, there are way too many scammers in the industry who rather sell trading products (that “surprisingly” don’t work), than truly sell a product that works or actually trade (because they can’t trade profitably…). Most of them probably don’t trade at all. I frequently get contacted by various forex product owners (and forex brokers) to sell their products, however I would say all of them do not work or are not profitable. Quite frankly most of them are s##t. It goes against my moral compass and integrity – to promote something that I would not use.

Forex trading is a part of me that I truly care and love, it’s a great passion. The ability to load up a chart and just trade, anywhere in the world (with a decent internet connection of course). It’s pretty damn alluring and sexy, wouldn’t you agree? I stumbled upon forex trading by chance, when I was a young and money hungry student at university, and the rest has been a wild adventure of forex (and business).

I have been posting what I hope is useful to traders / potential traders. The question is whether you want to hear it, or hope there is really a forex trading holy grail somewhere. There is no doubt that this game is not for everyone. For sure you’ll be able to get up to a certain standard of trading with great dedication however one may find it is not worth their time. As it is only worth it if you are an exceptional trader. I personally only know less than 5 truly profitable traders and the rest are a whole load of lot of lip service and talk.

Anyways, happy trading. It’s time to catch the sunset and hear the waves.