Easy Order MT4 Script

OMG! I am in love with this Easy Order MT4 Script. And even better, it’s all free! I stumbled upon it on whilst searching for a decent MT4 Indicator to calculate the lot sizes for the trades I take. I normally use the Position Size Calculator on MyFxBook (Link here), and manually calculate how many lots to enter based on my risk per trade, then input my trades in MetaTrader. It’s all a rather tedious process (and open to human error) BUT NO MORE! πŸ™‚

So what does it do?

  • Automatically calculates your lot size for the risk % you enter per trade based on your Stop Loss level.
  • Select your Stop Loss based on dragging the horizontal SL Line
  • Select your Take Profit based on dragging the horizontal TP Line
  • Select your Entry Point based on dragging the horizontal Entry Line
  • You can take market entry trades, buy stops, sell stops, sell limits and buy limits.

The latest version can be downloaded from this post on ForexFactory (link here).

For the installation details and version details please go to this post on FF (link here).

I did encounter this error message (This version is under testing..), at first I freaked out, thinking that my version of MT4 was incompatible with the Easy Order Script. However, there is a very easy and quick fix on the post on FF (link here).

A very big thank you to Sangmane on ForexFactory for coding this Easy Order Mt4 Script and making it freely available for everyone. It’s an absolute time saver!

I hope it works for you and helps with your trading.

To success!