24 hour water fast

Ever since I got started on with Intermittent Fasting, I have been experimenting with different eating windows. Typically I will be doing a 16 hour window of none eating, then an 8 hour window of eating. It’s amazing, how much I used to eat (overeat much?). Recently, I bumped into a friend who does 3 day water fasts, and that really perked my interest. I did research and found out it was a common fasting time, and even Tim Ferris does them. To build my way in I decided to start with 24 hour water fasts.

I thought I would not be able to do them (go mind power!?), but how easy have they been? SUPER. It’s only an extra 8 hours to the normal 16 / 8 intermittent fasting. I have completed 2 so far. One was on a business trip to Hong Kong and the other was when I was chilling out in Thailand.

What are the after effects of a 24 hour water fast?

  • I feel super refreshed.
  • Again, like the intermittent fasting, makes me realise how much less food I need to get going on in life.
  • Zero hunger “attacks”.
  • A senses of ‘lightness’. (Wishy washy I know, but try one and you’ll understand).

NOTE – since you will be drinking lots of water, you will naturally be heading to the loo more.

I will be carrying on with this sporadic 24 hour water fasts and will be adding a 3 day fast in the future. They are more challenging to plan as you have to block out time away from social commitments, dinners, lunches etc.

BBC Documentary on Intermittent Fasting

Here’s a good documentary on Intermittent Fasting by Michael Mosley “East, Fast, and Live Longer” https://vimeo.com/170735109 also an article he wrote on the BBC website The power of intermittent fasting.  Highly recommended.



Find my beginnings of 16/8 Intermittent fasting at the following links: Intermittent Fasting Trial 16/8 – Day 4Intermittent Fasting Trial 16/8 – Day 8 and 16/8 Intermittent Fasting – Day 29.

P.S. OH. People are asking why the sea view picture? 1, This is about water fasting and 2, I miss chilling by the sea.

P.P.S. Disclaimer, this is not a recommendation and I am not a doctor and do not know your individual health situation. So before thinking of doing any form of fast, do consult a doctor / a health specialist.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting – Day 29

Day 29 of 16/8 Intermittent fasting – who would have guessed it. It’s been an amazing and insightful journey. Starting from my Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Trial – Day 4 and the Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Trial – Day 8 posts, all the way to where we are now. I was purely testing it out with no real goal in mind, yet, this is a deceptively simple plan to follow and here we are at just under the one month mark. It is something that I will definitely be carrying on a daily habit.

Day 29 – 16/8 Intermittent fasting feedback & thoughts:

  • I automatically drink lots more water (minimum 3 litres a day).
  • No lack of energy at gym training.
  • So far, it is too early to see any form of gym results. I will give it a good 1-2 more months to see the gym training results with intermittent fasting.
  • I do sometimes get hungry around the 11am mark of the day. The hunger degree is much less now. I can now go a couple hours past the 16 hour mark of fasting, if I wish (I confess, I do lose track of times at work!).
  • Skin complexion is much clearer.
  • My body is much leaner. Comments on my face looking leaner from a few friends (they were not aware I have been doing intermittent fasting).
  • I rarely reach for snacks and am more aware of my food choices (leaning towards whole & healthier foods).
  • I have to think about food or where to eat or what to eat – much less – as I am eating less meals and snacks.
  • I do have to juggle my social times of having dinners with friends/family, or lunch meetings etc.
  • If was more serious, I would have done some form of body check up pre and during doing the intermittent fasting, to be able to compare body statistics.

Intermittent fasting is definitely a protocol that I would recommend to family and friends. Play around with it, and feel what works best for your body. I am pleased I am eating much less and have no lack of energy. That was one of my main concerns – how wrong was I. As mentioned at the beginning, I will be carrying on with the 16/8 Intermittent fasting as part of my daily routine. I may tweak the times and if I do, I’ll update you of the progress.


Intermittent Fasting Trial 16/8 – Day 8

Intermittent Fasting Trial 16/8 – Day 8… damn, that went by quickly. Slightly over one week since the start of my whacky idea of experimenting with intermittent fasting trial 16/8.

How is it going?

It’s been challenging at times, especially in social situations. For example when you get invited for brunch or a breakfast meeting and you have to either decline the invite or, sit there looking a bit off not eating. You do become more anti social, especially at dinner time. I have scheduled most of my dinner meetings to be lunch time meetings.

I did have to fly from Dubai to Bangkok. That was a real challenge of having to resist the food offerings in the airport lounge and the airplane itself.

Apart from resisting food, I’ve been feeling rather fine and much lighter. Maybe there is something to this intermittent fasting protocol?

Intermittent fasting trial –  changes? 

  • On the physical outlook, nothing major to report. A friend did mention, that my double chin looked smaller… why thank you?  
  • When I wake up, I have no cravings for food immediately. I go up to midday with relative ease, surviving with my faithful companion H2O – water.
  • It’s amazing, in my previous post (Intermittent Fasting 16/8 Trial – Day 4) I spoke about the thoughts on me questioning, WHY was I eating. Following up, I realise that:
    1. I habit ate, and it became automatic (grabbing for snacks, meals, desserts, cakes etc).
    2. I have surprised myself that I don’t have eat that much to get the energy required to work, exercise and live. I do feel like we are programmed to eat much more than we actually need.

Overall, I am very happy with how everything is going. Do note that it is only day 8, so let’s see what else happens.

Until next time,


Intermittent Fasting Trial 16/8 – Day 4

My test on intermittent fasting, day 4. I am a health nut, I love to exercise, and move my body and on the flip side I love to eat. The justification for all the eating is with all the training I have done – it balances out (sort of, right?). In the back of my mind, I always questioned do I really need to eat all of this food / training supplements.

We’ve all read we must:

  • Have 3 full proper meals a day
  • To have 6 small meals a day
  • That you must take 1 g of protein per kg body weight or lbs per body weight (Up until this day, I don’t know which one is right.)
  • To never skip breakfast, as it is the most important meal of the day etc.

There is a great deal of contradicting information. Hence why I like to test these ideas out myself and my interest with intermittent fasting.

At first I thought the concept of intermittent fasting was a fad. As I was coming from the view that we need to eat a decent amount to have enough energy to train, for our muscles to grow and to have the nutrition to maintain a healthy body. Then, it hit me, one day, whilst I was reaching over for a mid morning snack, I asked myself;

  • Do I really need to eat this or is this a habit?
  • Am I addicted to the habit of eating?
  • Was my mind programmed to eat all the time?

Serious, food for thought. I then wondered what if I ate “less” (vs compared to all the time or whenever I felt “hungry”)? Would I be able to still train, keep my body healthy and my physic? Then began my journey and research into intermittent fasting.

What is intermittent fasting (IF)? It is not a diet, it is purely restricting your eating times. For example, you can skip breakfast, and start eating from midday 12pm up until 8 pm. That is a restricted eating window of 8 hours (I have 2 meals in between, lunch and dinner), and for the rest of the time you don’t eat at all. You can drink water, teas or black coffee, there is no hard fast rule. This one is called 16/8, you don’t eat for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. You can do this occasionally or all the time. There are many variations of the IF timings the 16/8, 5/2, 20/4, 36 etc. These are all different timing restrictions of when you can and can’t eat.

Feedback so far from the 16/8 intermittent fasting trial?

  • I am amazed at how I can train without food. I start training at the gym around midday after having a black coffee. No lack of energy at all.
  • The challenging times are in the morning when I crave for some scrumptious breakfast or brunch! I switch this up by focusing on work and drinking some hot water.
  • I am drinking bucket loads of more water.
  • Feeling “much lighter” with less eating.
  • More free time, less eating or thinking of what to eat.

I was surprised on my research to find that two of my heroes, Georges St Pierre and Hugh Jackman, both do intermittent fasting. GSP goes as far to say as it changed his life. Here is the link for GSP on the Joe Rogan podcast (click here) and for Hugh Jackman (click here).

It is only day 4, early days. Let’s see how this goes.