Can you live off forex trading?

Can I get a hell yeah! The answer is a one hundred percent resounding yes! In the words of Jerry Maguire – SHOW ME THE MONEY! Or, I mean, SHOW ME THE FOREX MONEY! 😉

I myself do so, and I know of many other traders who trade for a living. They trade instruments ranging from options, futures, stocks, currencies, commodities etc. The world is your oyster (assuming you like oysters!). As long as you have a good foundation, you can trade any instrument. Of course you’ll find that you have a preference towards specific financial instruments and that’s fine too. Do not pigeonhole yourself in thinking that it just has to be one type, there are so many options.

Please note, I do not count selling signals, or copier services or marketing how to trade as making a living from forex trading. There are more marketers, forex ‘gurus’ and people making money from selling trading ‘services’ compared to actually making money from real trading (I could ramble on this subject but that’s for another post altogether.).

Real life traders FTW.

It takes dedicated focus and consistent effort, it is achievable. By no feat is it an easy path or straightforward one. It’s a roller coaster ride with highs and lows, twists and turns, just like life. You have to find the right guidance, tools and concepts that will give you an edge.

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To success!